Update Notifications of "Simple Cat Vol.3"

I updated "Simple Cat with Funny Animations Vol.3" to version 1.2.0 at Unity Asset Store.

I fixed the animation 05_Sit, 07_Catloaf, 16_Punch_L, 17_Punch_R.
I fixed the position of the tails in the animation 05_Sit and 07_Catloaf.
The animation 16_Punch_L and 17_Punch_R were missing keyframes for the tails, so I added them.

Because each cat has a different tail length, I found that animations such as Sit and Catloaf, in which the tail approaches the body, do not work well when using animation clips from other packages. Basically, animations can be shared, but for Sit and Catloaf, it would be better to use the animation clips in the package.

Thank you for using cats🎃

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Simple Cat with Funny Animations Vol.3